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When it come building strength and body awareness,  FIIn    When     Functional Strength Training is most widely used at Embracing Fitness.  With a combination of cable pulley systems & free weights, along with a wide variety of functional tools, from medicine balls to TRX, we challenge both body & mind alike. Functional training is a type of exercise which prepares the body for various forms of activity common in our daily lives.  Movement begins at the central nervous system~ We must keep it learning.  We must keep moving!  
Trail Running~ Just Awesome!


Sunday April 5th: Foam Rolling & Stretch

11:00 am.  After registration, you will receive an invitation to join our workshop via ZOOM (easy to do)

                           April 9th, Meditation with Yomi.

                           45 minutes: Time to decompress

                           $10 registration in advance                                      please.

                           April 25th, Meditation with Yomi

                           45- minutes:  Love & release 

                            your fear. $10- Register in                                         advance please

  After registering, you will receive an invitation to join our workshop or class via ZOOM (easy to do)

Hi, and thank you for checking out my website!   You have taken the first major step in working towards a healthier you. Please contact me to set up a complimentary phone consult. I realize each of us has very individual needs.  Let's talk about your needs.  Workout and nutrition plans are tailored to every 

individual.  The key to feeling great and living pain free as long as we can, depends greatly on our lifestyle. We must diligently  stay active and eat well, learn to better manage our stress, and find the right balance with indulgence....  It can be done!

       April Class Schedule

Monday 9:00 am: Cardio Kickbox and Core- 45 minutes. 

Monday 7:00 pm:  Yoga with Tori

Tuesday 5:00 pm: Strength Training Circuit. 60 minutes

Tuesday 6:30 pm:  Mat Pilates- 45 minutes. 

Wednesday 11:30 am:  Gentle Fitness Strength Training Circuit

Wednesday 6:15 pm:  Cardio kickboxing- 45 min.

Thursday 9:00 am:  Mat Pilates 45 minutes

Thursday 6:15 pm:  Strength Training circuit 60 minutes.

Friday 9:30 am:  Advanced Strength Training Circuit- 60 minutes

Saturday 11:00am: Zumba/ barre combo 

Stay healthy! 
Stay Safe!

Be positive always

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