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About Gina                                           Embracing Fitness            973.477.2448

"I feel very blessed in my life.  Each day, I have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people.  I am repeatedly inspired by each and everyone of them". 
Gina Marie Maffettone, CPT, CES

About Gina

Gina currently holds  certifications as Corrective Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer with NASM.   She is also certified with AFAA as a Group fitness Instructor, and founder of Embracing Fitness, 2009.  With a holistic approach, she has been working in the industry for 20 years+.
Gina specializes in Posture, Core Strength and Development, along with Lifestyle Management.  It is with great enthusiasm that she seeks to educate individuals on the essential fundamentals of exercise and nutrition. Once vital seeds are planted they are never lost, and they enable you to safely grow stronger & more confident, in both body and mind alike.  With a code of service, Gina takes great pride in providing you with a sustainable, practical and effective workout plan along with the support needed to be successful.  "The key to feeling great and living pain free, as long as we can, depends greatly on our lifestyle.
We must diligently stay active and eat well, learn to better manage our stress and find the right balance with indulgence.... It can be done! People are most successful when they have a manageable plan to follow and a strong support system.  
"It would be my pleasure to assist you in identifying some of your long & short term goals, and tailor a plan to help you achieve them. "YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT!"
The fitness industry is forever changing! There are always new research findings, exercises, dance steps, and nutritional tips to learn about and bring to you. 
Watch for monthly articles and recipes, and stay active! 
Gina lives with her husband in Cedar Grove for over 30 years.  They have four children and two grandchildren.  She makes the time for Sunday dinners and family vacations as family is vital to her happiness.  Hobbies include writing, gardening, fitness competitions, photography, puzzling, singing, and outdoor hikes. She believes in giving to others in charity work and in everyday living.  She feels It is our duty to care for, and love each other.
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